Managing Pain Using CBD Oils

According to the World Health Organization, cancer is ranked the second most deadly disease after cardiovascular diseases. Cancer’s impact on any country’s economy is quite significant as it requires a lot of funds to diagnose and treat it.

There is a massive investment in research to discover how to prevent and create awareness about cancer. If someone has an early diagnosis of cancer, then there are higher chances of receiving treatment and being cured.

There are several types of cancers, and they are named in accordance to which part is affected. The most common types include lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and stomach cancer. The types named above are the most common causes of cancer deaths.

According to research, cancer results from the changing of a normal body cell into a tumor cell. This transition occurs in stages starting from precancerous stage to malignant tumor, which is the final stage. Having understood what cancer is, you could be wondering what causes so much pain to someone with cancer. There are two significant causes of pain in a cancer patient.

Pain Due to Cancer Itself

As already mentioned, the disease involves the growth of a normal cell into a tumor cell. This growth of tumor cells could cause pain as it could destroy the tissues in the infected body part. As the tumor starts to grow, there is no designated path or space for it to grow. This will force the tumor to apply some pressure on the bones and nerves, hence causing pain. The tumor could also secrete some chemicals that cause pain after reacting with your body.

Pain Due to Treatment

Treatment of cancer often involves removing the tumor cells. The tumor cells could be removed by performing a surgical operation or by killing them by exposing them to radiation through a process referred to as chemotherapy. These processes cause intense pain to the patient.

Pain Management

As a result of the intense pain undergone by the patients, it became necessary to research the means to relieve the pain experienced. One of the pain relievers used is cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD,which is extracted from marijuana. CBD oils available at Berkshirecbd do not make one high and instead it has beneficial effects on the body of the consumer. The benefits include reduction in inflammation, pain relief, and reduction ofoverall discomfort inthe body as a result of other ailments.

The human body has several nerves whose sole purpose is to receive signals from stimuli and transport it to the cells for them to react. The endocannabinoid system,abbreviated as ECS,is a nerve system present in the human body. Once someone takes CBD oil, the ECS sends the signal to the brain, which responds by creating a pain relief effectinthe affected part. CBD products, which include CBD oil, have proven to be beneficial to people experiencing chronic pain.


Research shows that CBD oilhasmassive potential as a remedy for chronic pain. Besides, it also has no side-effects compared to most pain management medicines available.