12 Best Meditation Techniques For Teens To Deal With Anxiety And Stress

It’s no secret that for many people, the coronavirus pandemic has been tough, but during this time, teens are one group coping with their own set of struggles. It can be difficult to help your child deal with too many typical high school events delayed or canceled, including in-person courses for many schools. Here in this article, we have some of the best meditation techniques for teens to deal with anxiety and stress.

To reach a relaxed state of mind, therapy requires mindfulness and breathing exercises. It may help to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain in teenagers and encourage well-being. Psychological, neurological, and cardiovascular wellbeing can also have a positive effect. However, further trials are required to determine the effects of adolescent meditation. While meditation is recommended for all teenagers, more active strategies for calming down and engaging adolescents with psychological issues or recent physical trauma may be suggested.

A time of disagreements and tension maybe the teenage years. Because of social pressure or pressures, teens are also prone to be drawn to bad habits. It is also a crucial time to pick and plan for their future, and in tests and competitive assessments, they will have questions about their grades. Because of unfamiliar settings and obligations, adolescents may often find it difficult to transition from school to college. During this time, meditation can assist them to calm down and relieve anxiety. It can also strengthen the concentration and memory necessary to complete their education successfully.

Number Counting -Best Meditation Techniques For Teens

Best Meditation Techniques For Teens

One of the easiest ways to relieve tension is by this strategy. You could ask a teen to count from 1 to 10. Until they know they are free of all intrusive feelings, they can keep saying it. This meditation technique will help them address intrusive feelings that sometimes come to their heads.

Counting Backward

It is possible to execute the backward counting meditation in any comfortable position. You can ask your teenager to count between 100 and 1. This needs complete concentration, and they should be more concentrated on hitting 1. This is an ideal technique to increase the attention of your adolescent and reduce needless problems.

Counting Feelings

Best Meditation Techniques For Teens

In order to count their emotions, you can ask your child to sit in a relaxed pose and use tiny balls, beads, seeds, etc. They should transfer one ball, bead, etc., to another category each time they get an idea. Ask them for a few minutes to try, and you will find that after some time, the number of thoughts reduces.

The Gates Closing

This is also the ritual of shutting the senses, also called yoni mudra. This technique involves fingertips shutting the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose to suppress all sensory perception. You may ask your teen to close his or her fingertips to the sensory organs in the following way:

  • Ears: Thumbs, 
  • Eyes: Index fingers
  • Nose: Middle fingers
  • Finger Ring: Above the lips
  • Small Finger: Under the lips

Without feeling the breathing tone, you can ask your teen to relax his elbows and shoulders and take deep breaths. They can open their ears after a few minutes to listen to the sounds around them. Tell the teen to close the sensory organs softly, not in a manner that could inflict eye pain or obstruct the nasal passage 

Deep Breathing

Best Meditation Techniques For Teens

Tell your teen to close her eyes, sit upright, and breathe slowly or breathe abdominally. They can breathe in slowly from the nose to deep down, matching the sound of breathing, and breathe out softly after a few seconds. Next, ask them to listen to the sounds around them and not dwell on their theories. It is possible to learn this technique by hearing or hearing the pulse as well. One of the best meditation techniques for teens

Still Sitting

This is an optimal form of meditation to reinforce the relationship between you and your teenager. Sit and take long, deep, coordinated breaths with the backs and heads resting on each other. Feel the breathing of one another and dream of good feelings.

The ‘What I want In Life’ Loop

Draw a paper circle and encourage your teen to write down the wishes they hope in their life to fulfill. In life beyond the circle, you can even invite them to write what they do not want. You may ask them to write down their dreams in various colors or in whatever way they choose. Encourage them to frame it and hang it on their wall and to remind themselves of their wishes, sometimes take a look at it. You can also expect them to continue contributing to it as they feel it is appropriate.

Meditation on Love/ Kindness

This is more strenuous than the other approaches. It requires redemption, sympathy, and affection for someone who has harmed you in the past. You could ask your child to sit down quietly, close their eyes, and recall all the fun times they’ve had. Often, they should repeat as a mantra something like “let me enjoy happiness.” First, tell your teen to forgive the guy who hurt her and be kind to him. This meditation of compassion will flood the teen with optimistic thoughts 

Feeling The Sky

You may remind your teen to shut her eyes and breathe deeply. Tell them to envision and picture the blue sky as the clouds fly by. In other words, the clouds will not change the atmosphere indefinitely. Demonstrate to them that the clouds will fly by, but the sky will still stay unchanged. Tell them that all fears are like clouds, and the world is like them. Let them know that any anxiety is temporary. This mediation will help improve the trust of your teenager.

To Walk in Silence-Best Meditation Techniques For Teens

Rolling in silence is a meditation that can be practiced. An impressive spot to do this meditation is a park or beach. Tell your teen to experience every action they take and be mindful of themselves and their surroundings.


A practice of consciously drawing one’s mind to experiences that exist without judgment in the present moment. For teenagers, there are many meditation methods, and you can select one according to the needs and convenience of your boy. For them, you might even practice it and benefit from it. These strategies will allow your teenager to relieve tension and relax. You should approach an expert for preparation and advice if you are applying it to your child for medicinal reasons, such as to relieve discomfort.

Racing Thoughts Control

Best Meditation Techniques For Teens

During nervous or stressful times, speeding thoughts indicating quickly repeated thinking cycles on a single subject are prevalent for teenagers. Tell your teen to sit in a relaxing pose and count for a few minutes the number of thoughts that run through their head. To count their feelings, they can use beads, balls, or seeds. With little practice, the number of thoughts running into their head can be minimized considerably. One of the best meditation techniques for teens.